Valentine’s at MIFUNE 2018

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February 14 aka Valentine’s Day is, for many Filipinos and all lovers all over the world, the most romantic day-of-the-year: a time at which couples all within the whole Philippines celebrate the ”wonder of love”.
In many countries, they have their own particular customs and/or traditions on the February 14.
MIFUNE like to present you a small selection:

Originally, the Italians celebrated Valentine’s Day as the Spring Festival. The young and amorous gathered outside in gardens and tree pergolas to enjoy poetry readings or music before taking a stroll with their beloved…
Today on Valentine’s Day, also Italians prefer having romantic dinners or even exchanging gifts. There is still a tradition of giving chocolate to loved ones and they have a saying that in ”this case” – size does matter >> the bigger the chocolate, the stronger the love you’ll have.

Surely the French like to think of themselves as the most romantic people in the world! It’s often claimed – on Gallic shores – that the first Valentine’s Day card originated in France when Charles, the Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife while imprisoned at the “Tower of London” in the year 1415.
Today, Valentine card giving is not as popular as it used to be. Nowadays, the French have taken to their love for their own cuisine… Restaurants famously do a roaring trade on February 14 with elaborate menus. Valentine’s day also considered the best time for a marriage proposal.

United Kingdom:
In the UK, Valentine’s cards are often sent anonymously – a tradition dating back to Victorian times. So the recipients find out they have secret admirers while the senders satisfy themselves with the knowledge that “the ones they admire know they’re admired”. Mmmhhh(?!).
Different parts of the country have their own ways of celebrating. Sample: in Norfolk (in the west), a mysterious “Jack Valentine” knocks on people’s doors and vanishes, just leaving sweets for children. In Wales (in the east), Valentine’s Day comes just a few weeks after St. Dwynwen’s day (on January 25) – after the Welsh patron saint of lovers.

Saudi Arabia:
But Valentine’s day is banned in some countries! Like in Saudia Arabia. At 2008 Saudi officials told to florists and gift shops “to remove all red items” until after Valentine’s Day. Because the celebration of such a holiday is a sin as it “encourages immoral relations between unmarried men and women”.

Valentine’s Day celebrations in Estonia have an exceptional purpose and custom: February 14 is called “Friend’s Day”, so singles or lovelorn people don’t feel left out. That means everyone is a winner – thanks to nice presents offered by friends and family members.
That doesn’t mean there’s no romance on Valentines Day: shops and restaurants – even the streets are decorated with hearts and other symbols of love.

Dumaguete City
Yes, MIFUNE Japanese Restaurant have also a Valentines Special for the Dumagueteño lovers.

Yes, MIFUNE Japanese Restaurant have also a Valentines Special for the Dumagueteño lovers
PHP 900.00 – menu set price (good for two) — Singles: PHP 500.00







”Large Loaded Bento Box – good for two” – PHP 900.00

From 5 PM till 10 PM. – As on all our promos or specials: 1st come – 1st serve.

As following a short description of our Valentines promo:

You will have a choice of 10 different Large Loaded Bento Boxes:
• pork spare ribs • pork steak • beef teriyaki • tuna teriyaki • chicken teriyaki • tartar fry • chicken karaage • katsu (breaded pork) • calamares • mixed seafood

Your ”Large Loaded Bento Box” comes with:
• two (2) bowls of miso soup
• two (2) bowls of Japanese rice
• Tuna Sashimi
• Salad

And including »Eat-All-You-Can« MAKI’s:
• fish egg • sesame seeds • pop rice • fry • (spicy) tuna/salmon • prawn

Free Dessert: homemade apple tarts

(Large Loaded Bento Box – MIFUNE—Valentine’s Day 2016)