Tricycle & The Age of Dumaguete

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The tricycle, so-called because it is a cab attached to a motorcycle which goes about town in its distinctive three-wheels, is the most popular form of public transportation in Dumaguete.Dumaguete Heritage & Tradition by Dumaguete TourismIts size makes it arguably one of the biggest cabs of its kind in the country. Most people still call it the “pedicab”, springing from the original iteration of the vehicle when it was a bicycle with a cab attached to it running on human pedal power. There are currently about 2,500 tricycles plying the streets of Dumaguete.
The regular fare* per kilometre is eight (8) pesos. (*2016/2017)

How old is Dumaguete?

If we go as far back as 1571 when Diego Lopez Povedano named the spot as Dumaguete, then it is 444 years old. If as far back as 1734 when Murillo Velarde first used the name of Dumaguete, then it is 282 years old. But if we go by the standards of official records and start off with the 1890 Spanish colonial official declaration of the place as capital of newly-separated Negros Oriental, then it is 126 years old.

How Old Is Dumaguete by Dumaguete Tourism Office