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New at MFUNE: KIRIN ICHIBAN – Malt Beer Besides our ASAHI Japanese Beer, we do have added a fine Malt Beer from Japan for our guests in Dumaguete! Here some facts from the brewery: Brewing beer is communicating with nature! … Read More

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Reservation at MIFUNE? Order Party Sushi or making a reservation — please be informed we do have a new landline number and additional a new Globe mobile number… Landline: 035 531 2630 Smart: 0921 247 8449 Globe: 0935 443 8134 … Read More

Tai Chi in Dumaguete
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At Samyama Studio Dumaguete: SKEMA TAI CHI – To be Balanced TaiChi, also known as shadow boxing, consists of a sequence of traditional Chinese movements, which are remarkably smooth and flowing and are accompanied by a harmonious breathing pattern. Practicing … Read More

Valentines Day 2019 at MIFUNE
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February 14 — MIFUNE Valentines Day *special* Menu from 5PM – 10PM SET PRICE PHP 1,050.00 (good for two) On Valentine’s Day 2019, MIFUNE Japanese Restaurant will offer our Dumagueteneo Valentino’s & Valentina’s a set menu with 9 dishes to … Read More

Cà Phê – original Vietnamese Coffee
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The Dumagueteño’s is calling Dumaguete ”the city of gentle people”… And gentle people like to sit together with good friends and with ”strangers” as well. Have some decent food and drinks. Always ready to discover some new dishes and drinks. … Read More

MIFUNE’s espresso coffee
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Japanese food and coffee? A nightmare within the Japanese cuisine or a ”trend” from Japan? According to our numerous Japanese guests: it’s a new fashion in Japan! It started with a demand for Grappa (Italian grape brandy) after the meal. … Read More

MIFUNE’s ”Sushi Bouquet”
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You don’t like to go out on Valentines Day, but wanna celebrate the 14th with your Love in a special way?!? How about MIFUNE’s ”Sushi Bouquet”?

Valentines Day 2017
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    »I do not understand – why Cupid was chosen to be the represent on Valentine’s Day. If I’m thinking about romance – the last thing on my mind would be a short, chubby tot coming at me with … Read More

A Veggie Dish
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Going veggie in Dumaguete? There are other good reasons for going veggie… Some people may live with others who are already vegetarian and will soon find it easier to adopt this diet. There are other people who simply do not … Read More

MIFUNE Bento Boxes
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Bento – Box is ”4-in-1” dish – most for take-out‘s: for the office, school or travel. This “home-packed” traditional meal is common in the Japanese cuisine and very known also outside Japan (and Asia in general). A traditional bento holds … Read More

Dumaguete Spots To Visit
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Campanario de Dumaguete

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