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Okonomiyaki – let us start with the name: it basically means “what you like, grilled”…
– Yaki means: grilled (or cooked)
– Okonomi: means “what you want” or “what you like”Okonomiyaki in Dumaguete City
Therefore, this means that there is no ”only one” way to make Okonomiyaki and no ”only one” recipe that defines it – it’s very much up to the chef (or customer) what the Okonomiyaki finally looks like – just like no two German meatloaf or Swiss Raclette recipes are quite the same

History wanna tell us, that Okonomiyaki was invented in Japan already before World War II and became very popular after the war. The earliest origins of a basic ”crepe-like” ”pancake” dated back to the ”Edo period” (1683-1868). During the 1920’s and 1930’s the dish started to evolve with more varieties of added sauces and the name Yoshokuyaki began to be used. The name Okonomiyaki started probably in the late 1930’s in Osaka. In Hiroshima at this time a similar crepe-like food was also popular: topped with onions, folded over, and served to children as a snack item. Okonomiyaki, in all its different variations, started to become more popular during the WWII, when rice became scarce and residents had to be creative in using other more readily available ingredients. The simple ”wheat pancake” fit the bill during the World War… The War was over: people started to add more ingredients such as eggs, pork, and cabbage.
Mayonnaise & Okonomiyaki: A restaurant from Osaka claims to been the first to add Mayonnaise in the year 1946.

MIFUNE’s Okonomiyaki is a large portion serving and good to share! Two to four person can share easily one portion to the other ordered dishes.

We serve three kinds of Okonomiyaki:MIFUNE Okonomiyaki in Dumaguete City











Be kindly reminded: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday MIFUNE has its Teppanyaki-Day. If you like to have an Okonomiyaki “try” ahead:

Wanna have an Okinomiyaki try ahead? — Small and Large order - every MWF
Wanna have an Okonomiyaki “try” ahead? — Small and Large order – every “MWF” 12NN — 9 PM