Dumaguete Spots To Visit

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Campanario de Dumaguete

The Campanario de Dumaguete, or the Belltower as it is more popularly called, stands at the comer of Perdices Street and Colon Street, overlooking the Quezon Park, the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria, and the city’s public market. It is Dumaguete’s most famous landmark – its icon. The belltower is over 200 years old, and it was built upon one of the original four watchtowers that parish priest Don Jose Manuel de Septien had built in the 1760s to discourage raiding Moros from the South from pillaging the town.

Claytown DARO

Daro in Dumaguete is also known as Claytown for a simple reason: it used to be the city’s centre for terra cotta or wood-fired clay products, ranging from the to the artistic, with clay traditionally sourced from the area once rich with it. It is fast becoming a lost Dumaguete tradition. While clay products are still being sold by some of the families in the area, its appeal has greatly diminished over time, marking the area as a lost opportunity in tourism. We hope for a change in that regard.